Audit Committee


Alice Monet
Alice K. B. Monet
AAS Secretary

History: Established under new AAS Bylaws in 2018, Section 4.16.

Members: Three members of the Board of Trustees. The Committee Chair shall not be the Treasurer.

Term: No more than three years.

Charge: The Audit Committee shall be responsible for overseeing any audit, review or compilation of the Society’s books and records; recommending to the Board of Trustees the selection, retention, termination, and compensation of any accounting firm to perform such audits; taking appropriate actions to promote a system of internal controls relating to the Society’s financial books and records, including retaining any accounting firm to formally review such controls; and performing such other duties as determined by policy of the Board of Trustees. The Audit Committee shall report the results of audits, control reviews, and the Audit Committee’s activities to the Board of Trustees and shall submit any final audit report to the full Board of Trustees for its approval.

Committee Chair

Kelle L. Cruz


Term: Jun 2018 – Jun 2020

Committee Member

Marcel A. Agueros

Term: Jun 2018 – Jun 2020