Career Development Webinars and Workshops

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Upcoming Career Webinar

Careers in Science Editing and Publishing Panel Discussion

Wednesday, 19 June 2024, at 2:00 pm ET

This webinar will be recorded.


Archived Career Webinars and Videos

Careers in Science Philanthropy: A Panel Discussion on Making Impact

Careers in Astronomy Outreach Panel Discussion

Careers at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs) Panel Discussion

Careers in Data Science Panel Discussion

BONUS VIDEO: Meet Tom Rice, AAS Education and Mentoring Specialist

Convert Your CV into a Résumé for Industry Roles

BONUS VIDEO: 12 Steps to your Unicorn Career with Alaina G. Levine

Public Speaking Masterclass: How to Rock Your Next Presentation

Banish Impostor Syndrome for Good!

Career Exploration in Science Communication

Leveraging Your Astronomy-Powered Experience

How to Be Persistent in the Face of Rejection

Avoiding and Recovering from Common Mistakes in the Postdoc or Grad School

Strategies for Winning Fellowships Panel Discussion

Escape from the Zombie Boss or Colleague

Pivot Your Career: How to Make a Career, Job, or Discipline Change

How to Communicate COVID Impacts in Your Career Marketing Materials

Careers in Science Policy Panel Discussion

I Heart Failure: Discover and Recover from Professional and Team Loss

Optimize Your Time and Experience at Virtual Meetings

Careers in Science Communications Panel Discussion

Navigating Real-Time Leadership Challenges

Careers in Aerospace Panel Discussion

Negotiation Strategies and Tactics for Career Advancement and Beyond

Virtual Interviewing and the Job Talk

10+ Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Career Advancement and Job Searching

Marketing Your Value

How to Start Career Planning in the Astronomical Sciences

Career Planning in a Crisis:
Generosity and Compassion to Advance Our Community's Professional Goals

Building a Crisis Management Plan for Your Career (The Proactive) 

How to Network and Find Collaborations from Afar

Archived Career Workshops

Employment in Astronomy: Present and Future (PDF)
January 2010 – Washington, DC
Includes presentations by:
Beryl Benderly, Science Careers journalist
Rachel Ivie, American Institute of Physics
Jim Ulvestad, NRAO
Steve Beckwith, University of California

What does it take to land a job anyway? (PPT)
January 2008 – Austin, Texas
Includes presentations by:
Travis Metcalfe, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Nancy Evans, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Neal Evans, University of Texas
Jonathan Gardner, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Gary Matthews, ITT

Job Applicants: Top 10 Questions You Should Ask (PDF)
January 2007 – Seattle, Washington
Includes presentations by:
Elizabeth Barton, UC Irvine
Bruce Balick, University of Washington
Ron Polidan, NGST
Barbara Whitney, Space Science Institute
Lisa Storrie-Lombardi, Spitzer Science Center
Grant Hill, Keck Observatory

Careers Workshop (PDF)
January 2003 – Seattle, Washington
Dennis Ebbets, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

Archived Professional Development Workshops

Grant Writing
My Experience at the Other Major Funding Agency (PDF)
January 2004 – Atlanta, Georgia
Daniel Golombek, Space Telescope Science Institute

Growing Up as a Proposer (PDF)
January 2004 – Atlanta, Georgia
Kirk Borne, George Mason University