Policy Talks

Interested in hearing about science policy from your AAS Executive Office staff? The AAS will share expenses for a member of our policy staff to come out for a colloquium or more informal talk about science policy and our AAS advocacy efforts. Available for local talks are:

  • Joel Parriott, Director of Public Policy & Deputy Executive Officer (Temporarily on-assignment to White House OSTP)
  • Yaswant Devarakonda, John N. Bahcall Public Policy Fellow
  • Kevin Marvel, Executive Officer

Contact [email protected] for more information or to invite the AAS out to your institution!

Upcoming and Recent Colloquia

Date  Location  Speaker 
16 February 2022 STScI/JHU Julie Davis
27 January 2022 College of Charleston  Julie Davis
30 September 2020  CfA  Kelsie Krafton (Bahcall Fellow '19-'21)
28 September 2020  WKU  Kelsie Krafton 
23 September 2020  PSU  Kelsie Krafton 
22 September 2020   ASU (virtual 5 min video for online course)  Kelsie Krafton 
31 May 2020  Boise State  Kelsie Krafton 
20 May 2020  Caltech/IPAC Kelsie Krafton 
7 February 2020   SwRI  Kelsie Krafton 
5 December 2019  Haverford College Kelsie Krafton