Policy Talks

Interested in hearing about science policy from your AAS Executive Office staff? The AAS will share expenses for a member of our policy staff to come out for a colloquium or more informal talk about science policy and our AAS advocacy efforts. Available for local talks are:

  • Joel Parriott, Director of Public Policy & Deputy Executive Officer
  • Kelsie Krafton, John Bahcall Public Policy Fellow
  • Kevin Marvel, Executive Officer

Contact public.policy@aas.org for more information or to invite the AAS out to your institution!

Upcoming and Recent Colloquia

Date Location Speaker
15 February 2019 ChExo Ashlee Wilkins
25 January 2019 JPL Ashlee Wilkins
16 November 2018 SLAC Ashlee Wilkins
14 November 2018 NASA Ames Research Center Ashlee Wilkins
11 October 2018 University of Washington Ashlee Wilkins
3 October 2018 University of Maryland Ashlee Wilkins
7 August 2018 Las Cumbres Observatory Joel Parriott
30 Apr 2018 Western Kentucky University Ashlee Wilkins
2 Oct 2017 Rochester Institute of Technology Ashlee Wilkins
16 Mar 2017 2017 Northeast Astronomy Post-doc Retreat Heather Bloemhard
24 Feb 2017 Albion College, Department of Physics Heather Bloemhard
11 Nov 2016 Dartmouth College, Department of Physics and Astronomy Heather Bloemhard
10 Oct 2016 Kansas State University, Department of Physics Heather Bloemhard
21 Sep 2016 University of Maryland Joel Parriott
14 Sep 2016 University of Miami, Department of Physics Heather Bloemhard
12 May 2016 New Mexico Tech, Graduate Student Association Heather Bloemhard
19 Apr 2016 National Optical Astronomy Observatory Heather Bloemhard
18 Apr 2016 Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Physics Joel Parriott
4 Apr 2016 Texas A&M, Department of Physics & Astronomy Heather Bloemhard
4 Mar 2016 George Mason University, Department of Physics & Astronomy Heather Bloemhard