Current Congressional Leave-Behinds

Looking for a one-pager to guide your conversation and/or leave behind (inventively referred to as a "leave-behind") when you visit Congressional policymakers? Below are leave-behinds used by AAS in our Congressional Visits Days and by leadership in the Division for Planetary Sciences (and the Federal Relations Subcommittee) and Solar Physics Division Policy Committee when they visit Capitol Hill. All of the leave-behinds highlight the decadal surveys, current and upcoming projects, research grants, and provide the current-year AAS appropriations asks.

Please note that the preview of the PDF can take time to load. For questions, printer-quality versions, and/or comments, you can always e-mail us at [email protected].

General AAS Leave-behind (updated May 2022)

Highlights new Astronomy & Astrophysics and Planetary decadal surveys: Great Observatories Maturation Program, ELTs, Uranus Probe, Mars Sample Return. Also includes satellite constellation issues. Prepared for the May 2022 CVD. 

General AAS Leave-behind 

Planetary Science Leave-behind (updated May 2022)

Highlights Dragonfly, Juno, Psyche, OSIRIS-REx, Europa Clipper, LSST, and Mars2020. Prepared for DPS FRS Hill Visit May 2022. 

Planetary Science Leave-behind

Solar Physics Leave-behind (updated May 2022)

Highlighting preparation for upcoming decadal, cubesats, HERMES, PUNCH, TRACERS, GDC, Parker Solar Probe. Prepared for SPD Coalition Hill Day May 2022.

Solar Physics Leave-behind 

Satellite Constellation Leave-behind (June 2022)

Basic explanation of the harms to astronomy by satellite constellations, broader impacts, and talking points / possible policy actions that can be taken.

Satellite Constellation Leave-behind