Astrophysics on Disc

“Astrophysicists make extensive use of tabular material, numerical data, and digitized graphics. It seems reasonable to begin distributing to all subscribers computer-readable data involving extensive numerical tabulations published in our journals, or data supplementing those papers ... so we plan to distribute disks about twice yearly[.]” (Abt, 1993, doi:10.1086/172107)

The AAS CD-ROM Series was launched in January 1993, and over the five years that followed, nine volumes of digital data were released. The contents of those nine disks are published here online. In 1998, the journals began publishing the same sorts of data sets online with the corresponding articles (Hodge, 1998, doi:10.1086/300162), and the CDs were discontinued. The links below take you to online copies of the last six disks in the series; the fourth volume is a compilation that includes the contents of the first three CDs.