YNAO Invites Global Talents for the NSFC Excellent Young Scholars Fund (overseas), Talent programs from CAS and Yunnan Province

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Scientific / Technical Staff
National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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The Yunnan Observatories, which is also known as the Yunnan Astronomical Observatories (YNAO), is a research institution of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). We are inviting outstanding young talents from overseas to apply for the Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas) of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) through YNAO. Additionally, other talent programs from CAS and Yunnan Province are also available.

YNAO is a comprehensive astronomical observatory located in southern China. It consists of a main campus in Kunming and several stations in Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province. The observatory has more than ten research groups that cover three main disciplines: astrophysics, astrometry and celestial mechanics, and astronomical technology and methods. YNAO hosts several key research facilities and programs, including the NSFC Basic Science Center Program on “Stellar Structure, Evolution, and Explosions”. Currently, YNAO operates over 20 astronomical observation facilities, such as the 2.4-meter Optical Telescope in Lijiang, the 1-meter New Vacuum Solar Telescope (NVST), the 40-meter Radio Telescope, and the 1.2-meter optical telescope, with two more telescopes under construction.

The NSFC Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas) is a program designed to attract and encourage outstanding young overseas scholars in the natural science and engineering technology fields who are currently residing overseas (including those without Chinese citizenship) to come back to China and work. The objective of the Fund is to provide support to these scientists to conduct innovative research in their chosen fields, promote the rapid development of young scientific and technological talents, and nurture a group of exceptional talents on the global science frontiers.

Contacts: Ms. Zhao

Email: [email protected]; Tel +86-871-63920660; 15096627701

Compensation and Benefits

Included Benefits

(1) Successful applicants will receive a fund of 1-3 million RMB over 3 years from NSFC.

(2) YNAO will provide:
- a senior position,
- a startup fund (no less than one million RMB),
- a living subsidy (no less than one million RMB),
- a competitive salary, and
- a transit apartment.

Application Details

Publication Start Date
2024 Feb 07
Application Deadline
2025 Apr 15