2024 Elite Scholar Program (A/B Category) at Pengcheng Laboratory

Job Summary

Tenure and Tenure-track Faculty Positions
Peng Cheng Laboratory
Number of Positions Available
Work Arrangement
In-Person Location(s)

Shenzhen Shi
Guangdong Sheng,

Job Description

About Us: Pengcheng Laboratory is a cutting-edge research institution located in Shenzhen, China, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) among other research areas. The laboratory aims to conduct strategic, forward-looking, and fundamental research on major scientific problems and key core technologies in the respective fields.

Job Responsibilities: We are seeking talented individuals with strong leadership capabilities in the field of AI+Astrophysics. The eligible candidates will be responsible for leading and building research teams, conducting independent scientific research, and leading or participating in major research projects at the laboratory.

Job Requirements: For Elite Scholar Program (A Category) applicants, they should have holden the position of associate professor or above, or an equivalent professional technical senior position, outside of China. Elite Scholar Program (B Category) applicants should have a continuous work experience of at least 36 months outside of China, holding a formal teaching or research position and be below the age of 40. Exceptionally outstanding candidates may have some conditions relaxed. All applicants must be able to come to China within one year after accepting the job and work full-time in China for at least three years .

Policy Benefits:

For Eligible applicants for the Elite Scholar Program (A Category):

  1. Candidates will be appointed as Senior Research Fellows (Equivalent to Full Professor) at the laboratory
  2. A guaranteed annual salary not less than CNY 1.5 million. Special research talents will be evaluated individually.
  3. Will be eligible for local subsidies, such as the Shenzhen Special Talent Subsidy, which provides CNY 600,000/360,000/240,000 per year.
  4. CNY 3 million research start-up funding from the national side
  5. CNY 10 million project funding from the laboratory side for conducting important project for the laboratory,
  6. a one-time living allowance of CNY 1 million,
  7. housing settlement subsidy of CNY 200,000, or a one-year rental subsidy of CNY 15,000 per month.

For Eligible applicants for the Elite Scholar Program (B Category)

  1. Candidates will be employed as senior research positions at the laboratory.
  2. A base annual salary not less than CNY 800,000,
  3. Research funding from the national side ranging from CNY 1-3 million,
  4. A one-time living allowance of CNY 500,000,
  5. Six-month rental subsidy of CNY 9,000 per month.

All Eligible candidates can recruit assistant researchers, postdocs, PhD students, and engineers to build their own teams. The team's salary will not be deducted from the research start-up funding, as it will be directly supported by the laboratory.

The laboratory also provides comprehensive social insurance and benefits.


Compensation and Benefits

Compensation Type
Compensation Range
$800,000USD to $1,500,000USD

Application Details

Application Instructions
Please send your CV, research plan and other possible support documents to [email protected]
Publication Start Date
2024 Apr 09
Application Deadline
2024 Apr 29


Yang Wang