Auxiliary position at Center for Theoretical Physics PAS in Warsaw

Job Summary

Scientific / Technical Staff
Center for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Number of Positions Available
4 Years
Could the duration be extended?
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Job Description

The Director of the Center for Theoretical Physics PAS invites applications for auxiliary technical position at the CTP PAS, financed from the project MAESTRO 15 "Dynamics of processes around compact stars" funded by National Science Center (registration No. 2023/50/A/ST9/00527).
PI of the project is Prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Janiuk. The aim of the project is to study accretion flows around compact stars, such as black holes and neutron stars. Using numerical computer simulations, a model of the accretion
disk instability, driven by a dominant radiation pressure (RPI), is studied. We also study the black hole accretion and ejection of plasma in a form of jets and winds, related to gamma ray bursts (GRBs) and kilonovae. For this research, we use computer codes based on Relativistic Magneto-hydrodynamics, developed by project PI and her group.

The scope of work of the successful Candidate within the project will be on software development to support the HARM and GLADIS codes. Additional tasks are related with: code installation and testing on different HPC platforms, libraries and compilers, code debugging and backward compatibility checks. Maintaining the version control repository. Development of scientific visualisation scripts. Help in development and maintaining the project website and social media services.

We expect the candidates to have:
- At least MSc degree in physics or astronomy,
- Proficiency in C/C++ and python.
- Minimum 2 years of experience with tasks similar to the scope of work.
- Ability to quickly learn new technologies and evolving requirements such as compiler
updates, library evolutions, Operating Systems progressions, and hardware advances.
- Independence and creativity in solving problems.
- PhD degree in astrophysics will be a plus

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation Type
Compensation Range
$6,979USD to $6,981USD
Included Benefits

Retirement and social benefits. Health insurance.

Application Details

Application Instructions
The application must include:
1. The Candidate’s CV, including the complete history of past employment.
2. Cover letter.
3. A copy of the MSc or PhD degree diploma.
4. Personal Questionnaire.
5. RODO clause.
6. One letter of recommendation from previous employer.
The application should be submitted electronically to [email protected]. In the e-mail’s title please add the reference number:
AJ/05/2024 Selected Candidates will be invited to an interview.
Publication Start Date
2024 Apr 29
Application Deadline
2024 May 31
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Agnieszka Janiuk