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As part of affirmative action to promote gender equality, we invites applications from female researchers for an assistant professor position as follows:

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) has been playing a key role in the forefront of astronomical research worldwide, as demonstrated in the construction and operation of large-scale astronomical facilities such as Subaru Telescope, ALMA, supercomputers for astrophysical simulations, and TMT (Thirty-Meter Telescope) as well as in the development of space-based instruments, in the effort to promote cutting-edge astronomy utilizing these advanced telescopes. NAOJ has the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) as the research center for advanced technology development to support these important astronomical programs, and the Astronomy Data Center (ADC) as the archive center for utilizing the astronomical data produced by these facilities and programs.
We invite applications for an assistant professor position at the NAOJ. A successful candidate for this position is expected to lead a project or science(s) related to the large-scale astronomical facility or the space astronomical program(s), or lead a development program(s) at the ATC or the ADC. The successful candidate is expected to explore new possibilities in astronomical instrumentation or observational astronomy and to take an initiative in promoting scientific activities that make impact on relevant research fields as well. Responsibilities of this position require continuously demonstrating leadership and outstanding performance in research activities, and also fostering collaborations among NAOJ scientists and engineers to stimulate productivity of science and development by making the best use of NAOJ’s strengths. Fostering young scientists including supervising students in a PhD program is also required as part of the responsibilities.

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Deadline: 2022-10-28, 12:00 (noon) (JST)

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Michitoshi Yoshida, Vice Director General of NAOJ

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2022 Sep 21
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2022 Oct 28