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Snow King Observatory and Planetarium
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Jackson, WY
United States

Job Description

Job Description

Planetarium shows, telescope observing nights, and interactive activities at SKOP (including theater and Science On A Sphere presentations) are all led by eager and knowledgeable workers like you! SKOP Guides are entertainers and educators responsible for leading presentations and programs for all of our public, private, and school shows. They facilitate entertaining and educational activities of all types at SKOP, which can include regular public shows, private rentals, school groups, and perhaps occasionally joining on outreach visits to other regional sites. Presenters develop their skills as public speakers, educators, and science communicators while engaging with all ages. They will also gain proficiency with the telescope and planetarium hardware/software, as well increase their scientific knowledge base with a focus on space and astronomy.

Qualifications & Responsibilities (But not limited to)

Must possess outstanding oral communications skills.

Be willing to be challenged. 

Be willing to learn new topics.

Must be adaptable, open to new experiences, and grow from feedback.

Must possess and/or develop a strong knowledge of astronomy concepts.

Must possess demonstrated attention to detail. 

Must have demonstrated customer/visitor service skills. 

Must have an eagerness to work with the public and engage in conversation. 

Must be willing to improvise and stay level-headed if things don’t go as intended. 

Must be reliable, punctual, and communicate with staff in a timely manner. 

Must be able to follow, carry out, and effectively communicate SKOP policies.

For more information, please visit https://snowkingmountain.com/jobs/observatory-and-planetarium-guide/


Application Details

Publication Start Date
2024 Mar 06
Application Deadline
2024 Apr 30


Joe Zator