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The Astrophysics Department at CEA Paris-Saclay, Irfu, invites applications for a permanent researcher position in the field of cosmological simulations in the context of Euclid and other cosmological surveys. The applicant is expected to conduct top-end research projects based on ambitious cosmological simulations and their analysis, in connection with the development of new numerical simulation codes for exascale supercomputers and with the exploitation of large cosmological projects including Euclid as well as other complementary surveys. While the key purpose of this position is to strengthen the scientific outcome of cosmological surveys using simulations, we also seek to strengthen the links between large-scale cosmology, structure formation, and the physics of galaxy formation and galaxy clusters, in relation with various ground- and space-based instruments such as ALMA, JWST, and the E-ELT. The group at Paris-Saclay has extensive experience in using grid-based simulation codes such as the RAMSES code and newer GPU-friendly prototypes but also considers the use of other numerical techniques, and has easy access to top-end facilities at the national and European levels (GENCI, PRACE) which are expected to be involved in the proposed research.

The applicant should hold a PhD degree in astrophysics or related fields and demonstrate a strong experience in the completion of simulation-based cosmological projects and their links with observations. Experience in numerical code development/optimization and in extragalactic astronomical observations are also welcome.

The Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution Lab in Saclay comprises experts of large scale structure and galaxy formation in observations, simulations and theory (Anzari, Arnaud, Aussel, Bournaud, Cesarsky, Codis, Cuillandre, Daddi, Elbaz, Le Floch, Lehoucq, Magnelli, Pierre, Pratt). We strongly collaborate with the CosmoStat Lab, the Star Formation and Interstellar Medium Lab, the Astrophysical Plasma Modelling Lab, as well as the Cosmology Group in the Particle Physics Department of CEA Paris-Saclay.

The deadline to apply is March, 3rd. Applicants should submit a CV, a research summary (4 pages limit) and a research project (4 pages limit), and arrange for up to 4 letters of recommendations to be sent to [email protected] by the same deadline.
Potential applicants are welcome to make early contact with Frederic Bournaud ([email protected]) and/or any member of the group listed above for any queries about for position and the resarch environment.

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Publication Start Date
2023 Jan 19
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2023 Mar 03


Frederic Bournaud