Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) at ALMA Project, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)

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Tenure and Tenure-track Faculty Positions
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
ALMA Project
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Mitaka, Tokyo

Job Description

Job Description:
We invite applications for one associate professor (Senior Lecturer) who is based in Mitaka, at
NAOJ Headquarters, and whose primary mission is to deliver high-quality data for scientific
research to the astronomical community now and into the future. The successful candidate will
be expected to:
(1) Supervise the activities conducted in individual teams on software development for data
reduction and analysis (pipeline for single-dish, CASA for single-dish), quality assurance for
observing performance, and data archiving at the EA-ARC, while maintaining coordination
among the teams;
(2) Lead one of these teams: single-dish pipeline, single-dish CASA, or data quality
assurance to ensure observing performance; and
(3) Contribute to the international planning on data processing and archive systems to handle
large data volumes expected from the future observing capabilities of ALMA.
The tasks include formulating scientific requirements and testing for new software, data
calibration and imaging, and investigating various data issues and reduction methods for the
current and for the future of increased data volumes. The successful candidate will work closely
with the NAOJ ALMA Computing Team that performs software development involving actual
coding, and maintenance of computer servers and related systems.

Terms of Appointment:
The successful candidate is expected to start the job as early as reasonably possible after
accepting the job offer. The term of employment will continue up to the end of the Japanese
academic year, in which the post-holder reaches NAOJ's mandatory retirement age of 65. 

Closing Date for Application:
2024-05-07, 12:00 (noon) (Japan Standard Time)

Application Details

Publication Start Date
2024 Feb 20
Application Deadline
2024 May 06


Misato Fukagawa