Tenure-track Assistant Professor at Advanced Technology Center (ATC)

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National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Advanced Technology Center
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Mitaka, Tokyo

Job Description

Job Description:
We invite applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position at the ATC. This position is open to qualified individuals who will work as research staff at the ATC to develop next-generation
instrumentation, especially the on-going project: ULTIMATE-Subaru. It is the next-generation facility instrument development project at the Subaru telescope to expand the Subaru’s wide-field survey
capability to the near-infrared (NIR) wavelength. The project includes two instrument development programs: a ground layer adaptive optics (GLAO) system and wide field near-infrared instruments. The GLAO part of the project consists of an Adaptive Secondary Mirror, a laser guide star facility (LGSF) to produce for artificial laser guide stars, wavefront sensors (WFSs) with four laser and four natural guide stars, and a real-time control system. The development of the LGSF and WFSs are conducted in collaboration with the Australian National University (ANU). A successful candidate for this position is expected to work for the GLAO project and conduct research and development mainly for the LGSF and the WFS together with the team at the ANU.

Terms of Appointment:
The successful candidate is expected to start the job as early as reasonably possible after the job offer has been accepted. Initial term of employment including the probation period of six months will be by the end of the JSPS international leading research program, which is expected to be the end of FY2028. The candidate will be reviewed by the end of the initial term for approval of being tenured. After being tenured, the term of employment will continue up to the end of the Japanese academic year, in which the post-holder reaches NAOJ's mandatory retirement age of 65.

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Application Details

Publication Start Date
2024 Feb 27
Application Deadline
2024 May 14


Masayuki Hirabayashi