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Current Council

Council of the AAS

The Council is the governing body of the AAS and is responsible for the management, direction and control of the affairs and the property of the AAS. The official record of Council actions and resolutions is kept in the AAS Secretary's Office.

Executive Committee: Acting for the Council between its meetings, the Executive Committee is comprised of the President, Past-President or President-Elect, the two most senior Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Executive Officer, and other officers or councilors as designated by the Council.


  • Christine Jones
    Harvard-Smithsonian, CfA

  • C. Megan Urry
    Yale University
    Past President

  • Jack O. Burns
    University of Colorado
    Senior Vice-President

  • Chick Woodward
    University of Minnesota
    Second Vice-President

  • James D. Lowenthal
    Smith College
    Third Vice-President

  • Nancy D. Morrison
    University of Toledo

  • G. Fritz Benedict
    University of Texas, Austin

  • Kevin Marvel
    American Astronomical Society
    Executive Officer

  • Tim Bastian
    Publications Board Chair

  • Charles Liu
    CUNY College of Staten Island
    Education Officer