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Nominated Office: Councilor

Affiliation: Indiana University

Position/title: Associate Professor

PhD institution: Cornell University (1996)

Areas of scientific interest:

  • galaxy evolution
  • star formation and chemical enrichment of nearby galaxies
  • neutral gas dynamics
  • multi-wavelength astronomy

AAS positions:

Other relevant positions and experience:

  • Committee on Radio Frequencies (2010- present)
  • NAIC Arecibo User's and Scientific Advisory Committee (2006-2009)
  • EVLA Advisory Committee (2007-2009); NRAO User's Committee (2002-2006, Chair 2005)

Candidate Statement: I am honored to run for Council. I believe that the AAS plays an important role in the astronomical community by providing the means to communicate science, policy, and professional opportunities to astronomers at all stages of their careers. For me, the most visible aspects of the AAS are the semi-annual meetings where many of us give our first professional presentations and return now to learn of current developments and to connect with colleagues. As a Council member, I will work to improve the role of AAS in developing our professional networks and in expanding career development activities, at AAS meetings and elsewhere, with a particular emphasis on opportunities for junior and other early career members. Throughout my career, I have had a strong commitment to professional development and to building strong networks to support astronomers through career transitions. I believe that the AAS can play a critical role in helping its members expand our professional opportunities and be successful in all aspects of our careers.