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To foster and recognize excellence in astronomy the AAS and its Divisions award grants and prizes for outstanding contributions to astronomical research, education, instrumentation, writing, and service.

04 Mar 2015 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

The Russell Lecturer is normally to be chosen annually on the basis of a lifetime of eminence in astronomical research.

04 Mar 2015 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

The AAS is offering opportunities for members to secure funding to travel to a Society meeting in order to increase the number of astronomers from historically underrepresented groups.

03 Sep 2014 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

Different AAS prizes and awards have different requirements for their nomination/application packages. Here are convenient checklists to help ensure that the materials you submit are correct and complete.

04 Mar 2015 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

The AAS Award for Public Service to the Astronomical Sciences is given at most annually to up to two individuals who have performed outstanding public service in support of astronomy, planetary science, and related fields.

11 Jul 2014 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

The Tinsley Prize recognizes an outstanding research contribution to astronomy or astrophysics, of an exceptionally creative or innovative character. The Prize is normally awarded every two years.

16 Jul 2014 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

The AAS vice-presidents name a special invited lecturer to kick off each AAS meeting with a presentation on recent research of great importance. The Kavli Foundation's generous support covers the lecturer's travel expenses and as well as promotional expenses.

21 Jan 2015 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

The Lancelot M. Berkeley New York Community Trust Prize for Meritorious Work in Astronomy is awarded annually for highly meritorious work in advancing the science of astronomy during the previous year.

20 Jan 2015 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

The Rodger Doxsey Travel Prize—established through the support of his father, John Doxsey, and other friends, family, and colleagues—provides graduate students or postdocs within one year of receiving or receipt of their PhD a monetary prize to enable the oral presentation of their dissertation research at a winter meeting of the AAS.

26 Nov 2014 - Grants and Prizes: AAS

The Astronomy Achievement Student Awards are given to recognize exemplary research by undergraduate and graduate students who present at one of the poster sessions at the meetings of the AAS.

20 Jan 2015 - Grants and Prizes: AAS