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Prize Nominations

A nomination package consists of a CV, a publication list, and three letters of support, as described in more detail below. With the exception of the student awards, AAS prize nominations are due in the AAS Secretary's Office by 30 June each year.

We prefer that nominations be submitted electronically via our online form. Alternatively, you may fill out the attached PDF, add the other materials requested, and mail the packet to the AAS Secretary: G. F. Benedict, McDonald Observatory, 1 University Station, Austin, TX 78712.

All Society members may submit nominations and are encouraged to do so.

Read the short descriptions and recipient lists to verify eligibility. A complete nomination must include:

  1. A letter of nomination outlining as concretely as possible the major scientific results that the candidate has produced and what their subsequent impact has been. Self-nominations are allowed only for the Pierce and Warner prizes and the Cannon award; the prize committees will be blind regarding self-nominations vs. outside nominations.
  2. A curriculum vitae and bibliography. Because of the age and length-of-career restrictions for the Pierce and Warner prizes and the Cannon award, nominees/applicants must provide their birthdate and month/year of earned PhD.
  3. Abstracts of three publications illustrative of the candidate's/applicant's merit.
  4. Three supporting letters in addition to the basic letter of nomination. For the Pierce and Warner prizes and the Cannon award, all three letters shall only be letters of support with no mention of who is nominating the candidate. This is necessary so that the prize-committee members can remain blind with regard to self-nominations.
  5. For the Cannon award, a research plan is to be submitted by the nominee/applicant. This plan should be no more than three pages and describe her anticipated course of work for the next five years. The plan should be broadly accessible to astronomers with a range of scientific interests.
  6. All prize nominations remain valid for a period of three years, including the original year in which the person was nominated. For instance, a person's 2015 nomination packet remains in effect for 2015, 2016, and 2017.