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Individuals at US institutions are welcome to apply for support for airline travel to the August 2015 IAU General Assembly in Honolulu, Hawaii. Deadline: 9 January.

The American Physical Society Insurance Trust has a new administrator and will soon offer AAS members enhanced insurance benefits and services at group rates.

The American Institute of Physics Statistical Research Center has published two new reports examining what new physics and astrophysics PhDs are doing a year after finishing their doctorates.

Lawmakers introduced a massive spending bill on 9 December; it would provide healthy increases to the science budgets at NASA and NSF and sufficient funding to Cosmic Frontier projects at the DOE Office of Science. UPDATE: The Congress has passed the measure, as of 13 December 2014, and the President is expected to sign.

A new report from the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine suggests that the US postdoctoral experience should be refocused on training and mentoring.

The AAS's Laboratory Astrophysics Division is honoring Lou Allamandola "for his numerous contributions to the study of ices and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in astronomical environments."

A workshop at next month's AAS meeting in Seattle focuses on new ways to use the Galileoscope and Quality Lighting kits for outreach during the International Year of Light 2015. Register by 18 December!

A new exploratory robotic mission that will use pioneering deep-drilling technology to deliver new insights into the origins of the Moon and the Earth invites participation from US astronomers and planetary scientists.

Every year the National Science Board salutes a leader who has made exceptional contributions to the welfare of humankind via science and technology. Nominations for 2015 have been extended through 20 January 2015.

NASA's Science Mission Directorate has issued a draft Cooperative Agreement Notice for its future science-education activities and requests comments by 8 December. A final notice should be released in January 2015.