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If you'll be in the DC metro area on 23 June, you're invited to attend the induction of the late astronomer Frank Kameny into the Labor Hall of Honor — but you must RSVP by Friday, 19 June, so hurry!

AAS prize nominations are due on 30 June. Help us identify and recognize long-overlooked giants in the field, rising stars at institutions that don’t aggressively nominate, and quiet but profound field-changers.

The Infrared Processing and Analysis Center at Caltech announces the availability of six-month graduate-student fellowships. Applications are due 17 August 2015.

Proposals to use the SMA radio interferometer on Maunakea during the period 16 November 2015 through 15 May 2016 are due on 4 August.

The 2015 Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize recognizes John E. Carlstrom, Jeremiah P. Ostriker, and Lyman A. Page, Jr., for their individual and collective contributions to the study of the universe on the largest scales.

The National Science Foundation's Division of Astronomical Sciences seeks to hire several new Program Directors, either as "permanent" employees or temporary (typically 1- to 4-year) "rotators."

Priorities during the period Dec. 2015 to Sep. 2016 are Astro2010 science themes, solar-system targets, and James Webb Space Telescope precursor observations. Letters of intent are due 11 September 2015.

Bill Borucki has been awarded the 2015 Shaw Prize in Astronomy for "his conceiving and leading the Kepler mission, which greatly advanced knowledge of both extrasolar planetary systems and stellar interiors."

The US Departments of State and Commerce recently proposed changes to export control regulations covering optical equipment. AAS members are encouraged to comment. Deadline: 6 July 2015.

This week marks the midpoint of the Society’s Spring 2015 Campaign to raise funds for AAS prizes, programs, and activities. To drive our future success, please make a contribution today.