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Annie J. Cannon Award in Astronomy

The Annie Jump Cannon Award is given to a North American female astronomer within five years of receiving her PhD in the year designated for the award. For example, the recipient of a Ph.D. in 2007 would be eligible for the 2012 award (which must be applied for in calendar year 2011), but not for the 2013 award (which would be applied for in calendar year 2012).  The Cannon Prize is for outstanding research and promise for future research by a postdoctoral woman researcher. The prize will amount to $1500 and the winner will give an invited talk at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society and travel expenses will be paid. Self nominations will be allowed.

A complete nomination for the Cannon Award includes the same basic materials as for other AAS prizes. In addition, nominators should request that the nominee submit a research plan of no more than three pages describing her anticipated course of work for the next five years. The plan should be broadly accessible to astronomers with a range of scientific interests. Contact the AAS Secretary for more information.

Annie J. Cannon Award Committee

Year Recipient
Awarded by the AAS
2014 Emily Levesque
2013 Sarah Dodson-Robinson
2012 Heather Knutson
2011 Rachel Mandelbaum
2010 Anna Frebel
2009 Alicia M. Soderberg
2008 Jenny E. Greene
2007 Ann Hornschemeier
2006 Lisa J. Kewley

Awarded by the AAUW with advice of AAS
2004 Sara Ellison
2003 Annette Ferguson
2002 Vassiliki Kalogera
2001 Amy J. Barger
2000 Alycia J. Weinberger
1999 Sally Oey
1998 Victoria M. Kaspi
1997 Chung-Pei Ma
1996 Joan Najita
1995 Suzanne Madden
1994 Andrea Mia Ghez
1993 Stefi Baum
1992 Elizabeth Lada
1991 Jane Luu
1990 C. Megan Urry
1989 Jacqueline N. Hewitt
1988 Karen J. Meech
1986 Rosemary F. Wyse
1984 Harriet L. Dinerstein
1982 Judith S. Young
1980 Lee Anne M. Willson
1978 Paula Szkody
1976 Catharine D. Garmany
1974 Beatrice M. Tinsley

Awarded by the AAS
1968 Henrietta H. Swope
1965 Erika Böhm-Vitense
1962 Margaret Harwood
1958 Margaret W. Mayall
1955 Helen Dodson Prince
1952 Ida Barney
1949 Helen S. Hogg
1946 Emma W. Vyssotsky
1943 Antonia C. Maury
1940 Julie M. Vinter-Hansen
1937 Charlotte M. Sitterly
1934 Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin