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I use BibTeX to manage my citations. Is there a bibliography style file that I can use with AASTeX?

Mon, 2012-09-17 14:42 -- 10102

Yes. Jonathan Baker from UC Berkeley has written a bibliography style package called astronat that works with AASTeX. The package and documentation are available on the ADS website:

Please note that because AASTeX v5.x allows natbib-style \cite commands, you no longer need to run the script on your document when preparing it for submission to the AAS journals.

I'm using the preprint2 style, and my abstract is too long to fit on the title page. How do I break it to a new page?

Mon, 2012-09-17 14:34 -- 10102

Make sure that you have AASTeX v5.2 or later and then use the "longabstract" option when you invoke AASTeX:


This option should only be used in preprint2 mode and only when the abstract is too long to fit on the title page. Using it otherwise will have unpredictable consequences.

Data Behind the Figures

There have always been data in the journals, in the form of tables and images. Much of the data that the journals handle is explicitly tabular, and is therefore easy to exchange and manage using the wide array of mature systems available to the community. The AAS journals are pleased to accept this data, with the proviso that the journals are not data centers, so large data sets should be submitted to a suitable data repository and referred to from articles.

Large Figure Sets

The AAS journals now offers the option of publishing large sets of online-only figures in the electronic edition. For a recent example, see the Figure Set in the paper by Tommasin et al. in the The Astrophysical Journal. To facilitate submission of these large figure sets, the AAS has created a set of macros that should be used for marking up the figure set file name, caption, and label information in AASTeX. See the Figure Set documentation for more information.

Data Set Linking

In partnership with the NASA Astronomical Data Service (ADS) and several NASA data centers, the AAS has a new project to allow authors to tag data sets from participating data centers in their papers using the AASTeX “\dataset” macro.Data sets tagged with the “\dataset” macro will appear in the electronic edition linked to a name resolver at ADS that will take readers to the data sets themselves. See the Data Set Linking page for more information.

Facility Keywords

To aid organizations in obtaining information on the effectiveness of their telescopes, the AAS has created a vocabulary of facility keywords for telescope facilities for use in journal articles. The use of a common set of facility keywords across astronomical publications will make searches for telescopes significantly easier and more accurate. In addition, the facility keywords will be useful for linking papers that use the same telescopes together within the framework of the National Virtual Observatory.