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Lancelot M. Berkeley - New York Community Trust Prize Committee

History: Established 2010. The first award will be made in 2011.

Members: The three Vice Presidents of the Society and the editors-in-chief of the Astrophysical Journal and Astronomical Journal.

Chair: The senior Vice President.

Charge: Nominating candidates for the Lancelot M. Berkeley - New York Community Trust Prize for Meritorious Work in Astronomy.

Joseph Weber Award Committee

History: Established in 2001. The first award was bestowed in 2002.

Members: Appointed in January by the Board of Trustees.

Term: Three years, June to June.

Chair: Appointed by the Board of Trustees. Serves from one annual business meeting to the next: June - June.

Charge: Nominates candidates for the Joseph Weber Award for Astronomical Instrumentation.

Henri Chrétien Grant Committee

History: Established March, 1982 with the Chrétien Trust.

Members: Six members appointed by the Board of Trustees for staggered terms.

Term: Three years, Jan. - Dec.; an individual may be reappointed once.

Chair: Appointed annually by the Board of Trustees, the Chair is one of the two senior committee members, individuals in the last year of their term on the Committee.

George Van Biesbroeck Prize Committee

History: Established in 1979 by the Van Biesbroeck Award, Inc., as an Arizona area award. Beginning in 1988, individuals from throughout the United States were eligible. The AAS assumed responsibility for the Prize from June 1997.

Members: The Prize Committee has nine members, including the Chair. No member of the Committee may receive the Prize during his or her tenure on the Committee.

Term: The staggered terms on the Committee are of three years duration, from annual business meeting to annual business meeting.

Education Prize Committee

History: After being discussed for a number of months, the AAS Education Prize was established by the AAS Council in the autumn of 2000.

Members: The Education Prize Committee shall be composed of six members, including a Chair.

Term: The terms shall be staggered, of three years duration, and running from January to January Board of Trustees meetings.

Chair: Appointed by the Board of Trustees. Serves a one year term from one January Board meeting to the following January Board meeting.

Dannie Heineman Prize Committee

History: The American Astronomical Society joined with the American Institute of Physics in 1978 to award a prize to recognize an individual who had made a series of major contributions to astronomy and/or astrophysics.

Members: Six members, each serving for three years. Two new members are nominated by the Appointments Committee for Board of Trustees approval each January. The chair of the Russell Lectureship Committee is a non-voting, Ex-Officio member.

Annie J. Cannon Award Committee

History: First established in June 1933 as Cannon Committee. Became Advisory Committee when the Prize's administration turned over to the AAUW in 1974. The Prize is now (2005) being administered by the AAS and is being restructured.

Members: Originally, three members with one new member nominated every two years by the Appointments Committee for approval by the Council in January. With the amendment shortening the term to three years and awarding the prize annually, one new member is nominated and approved annually.

Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award Committee

History: Rules for the Amateur Achievement Awards were approved at the 208th AAS Meeting in Calgary, Alberta, June 2006.

Members: Five members with staged terms. It will include three members of the WGPAC and initially one member of the AAS Council. Members will be proposed to the Board of Trustees by the Committee on Appointments.

Term:. Initially, there will be two persons (including a chair) serving for two years, and three serving for three years. After the initial appointments, members will be appointed for three year terms.

Working Group on the Preservation of Astronomical Heritage (WGPAH)

History: Established at the 209th Meeting, January 2007 in Seattle, in response to a report from the Historical Astronomy Division (HAD).

Members: Twelve members nominated by the HAD Executive Committee on the basis of their professional qualifications relating to the preservation of sites, astronomical instruments, and historical documents. Two additional members will represent the concerns of active research observatories.

Publications Committee

History: AAS ByLaws Article VI, Sec. 3, Approved Jan. 1, 1979.

Members: Chair and six members. Individuals are nominated for positions on the Publications Board by the Nominating Committee, in consultation with Journal editors. The Publications Board member is elected by the Board of Trustees at the June Meeting. Written consent to serve is required before nomination. The Publications Board meets annually.

Obituary Committee

History: Established in 1991 with first obituaries published in BAAS Vol. 23, No. 4. As of 2017, this committee is no longer active.

Members: One member appointed by HAD; one by the AAS President; one appointed by the AAS Executive Officer.

Terms: Two years, January - December

Chair: Vice-Chair of Historical Astronomy Division (HAD).

Nominating Committee

History: Established Bylaws, Article IV, Sec. 4.20

Members:(From AAS Bylaws, Art. IV): The Nominating Committee shall be a standing Advisory Committee of the Society consisting of five (5) Members of the Society, including the Past-President of the Society. (Sec 4.20(a))

Committee on Meetings


Members: Three Vice-Presidents, and the Executive Officer. The President is Ex-Officio.

Term: One year, June to June, from the close of one Annual Members' Meeting to the close of the next Annual Members' Meeting.

Chair: AAS Senior Vice-President.

Charge: This committee will advise the Board of Trustees on the scientific content of all Society meetings. The committee will select the invited speakers, any special speakers and special sessions.