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224th Meeting Laboratory Astrophysics Division Sessions

The Annual LAD Meeting is organized by the LAD Program Committee:
Farid Salama (NASA/Ames Research Center), Chair
John Black (Chalmers University of Technology)
Nancy Chanover (New Mexico State University)
Paul Drake (University of Michigan)
Chikang Li (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Daniel Wolf Savin (Columbia University)
Gianfranco Vidali (Syracuse University)
Steven Federman (University of Toledo), ex-officio

Pre-Register for the Workshop on Dense Cores, 27-30 July 2014

Please provide your contact information below to indicate interest in attending the AAS Topical Conference Series Meeting, Workshop on Dense Cores. The meeting will be held in Monterey, California.

Please note that providing your information does not register you or guarantee your attendance to the meeting, but will provide us your contact information for future informational e-mails regarding this conference, and an idea of general attendance.