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TESS Workshop Information and Deadlines

Please consider the following deadlines when proposing a workshop for the TESS - Triennial Earth-Sun Summit.

No workshops will be scheduled parallel to TESS sessions or evening activities.




6 April, 2015 Public Workshop Proposals Due
8 April, 2015 Catering and AV Order Deadline


Date Description
15 April, 2015

Private Workshop Proposals Due
*Catering orders will not be accepted for private workshops after TBD

8 April, 2015

Catering and AV Order Deadline

Public and Private Workshop Reminders:

  • All workshops are accepted continually, and are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis based on meeting room availability.
  • Each workshop will be provided a room, LCD Projector, and Screen at no charge. Additional equipment and services are available for additional fees. See Workshop Proposal form for equipment fees.
  • Open/Public (no registration required) workshops will be advertised in the Meeting materials.
  • Private workshops are not published in the Meeting materials.
  • Catering orders may not be accepted after 8 April, 2015 for any workshop type.

Workshop Proposal Form