Call for AAS Prize Committee Volunteers

26 Jan 2024
Want to help give visibility to deserving scientists, educators, and amateur astronomers? Volunteer now to serve on one of this year's prize and award committees for the AAS.

2024 AAS Election: It's Time To Vote!

18 Dec 2023
Balloting for the next election of AAS leadership opened on 18 December and will close on 1 February 2024. Every vote is important. Please cast your ballot today!

Update to the AAS Code of Ethics

7 Sep 2023
The Board of Trustees has recently revised the AAS Code of Ethics to address the topic of harassment and bullying in a professional setting.

Volunteer on an AAS Committee or Working Group

9 May 2023
Support the astronomical sciences community by serving as a volunteer for an AAS committee or working group. Several of these groups have terms that begin in June, and sign-ups this month will be greatly appreciated.

An Interview with AAS President-Elect Dara Norman

26 Apr 2023
Ashley Walker sat down with AAS President-Elect Dara Norman to discuss the path that led her to astronomy, the mentors who influenced her, and what she aims to accomplish during her term as AAS president.

Vote in the 2023 AAS Election!

17 Jan 2023
There are just two weeks left to cast your ballot in the 2023 AAS Election. Please help define the future of your Society by voting.

2023 AAS Election: Meet the Candidates

13 Dec 2022
Get to know the 12 candidates running for five leadership positions within the Society. Balloting for the 2023 AAS Election will begin on Friday, 16 December.

Update on JWST Name

14 Nov 2022
The AAS Board of Trustees shares a brief update about the response of NASA to the JWST name and process. AAS Style Guide specifies that the acronym JWST need not be spelled out upon first use.