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Step-by-Step Instructions for Submitting a Post to the AAS

Sign in to using your AAS username and password (you can reset your username and/or password at

Hover over the POST button (it's light blue with white capital letters) near the upper-right corner of the screen, then select News Item, Opportunity, Letter, or Story.

  • News Items: Timely announcements and brief reports.
  • Opportunities: Solicitations of proposals and applications.
  • Letters: Letters to the Editor and Dear Colleague letters.
  • Stories: Reports and articles that are not time sensitive.

Read the brief bullet-point instructions at the top of the next screen.

Title: Enter a short, engaging title for your article in Title Case (i.e., capitalize the first letter of each word except for conjunctions, prepositions, and articles with fewer than five letters).

Body: Skip this box for a moment.

Text format: Use the pull-down menu to select 'Filtered HTML' (if you're comfortable with rudimentary HTML) or 'Plain text' (if you're not). If you choose 'Filtered HTML,' you should see one or two rows of formatting buttons at the top of the Body box. If you don't see any buttons, click the 'Enable rich-text' link above the top-right corner of the Body box.

Body: If in the previous step you set the text format to 'Plain text,' simply copy the text of your article from whatever word-processing program you used to create it and then paste it into the Body box.

If you set the text format to 'Filtered HTML,' copy the text of your article from your word-processing program, and if that program is Microsoft Word, click the 'Paste from Word' button (it has a clipboard and a blue W on it), then follow the instructions in the pop-up box. If you're pasting from any other word-processing program, instead click the 'Paste as Plain Text' button (the other button with a clipboard on it), then paste your text into the Body box.

Remove extraneous blank lines and make any other changes you wish to make so that your text looks the way you want it to look.

Use the 'Add media' button (the one with a mountain on it) to upload image and other media files to be included within the body of the article. Resource files may also be uploaded separately from the body text, to be listed and linked from the bottom of the article page; see Resources below.

Save: The first time you click the 'Save' button, the system will generate three tabs ('View draft,' 'Edit draft,' and 'Moderate'), and your article will become available on your 'My Workbench' page. See Moderation state below for what to do when your article is finished.

Resources (optional): This is for any supporting files you may wish to attach to the article for readers to view or download.

Publish Date: If you would prefer your post not be published until a certain date or time, enter it here. If nothing is entered, your post will be published as soon as it is reviewed and approved by AAS staff.

Moderation state: You may save your article in the 'Current: Draft' state and exit and re-enter the AAS website as many times as necessary to complete the article. When your article is ready to be reviewed by the AAS you MUST change the moderation state to 'Needs Review.'

Questions? Contact Crystal Tinch at or 202-328-2010 x115.