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Special Announcement from NASA and DOE regarding JDEM

(note: This special informational email is being sent out at the request of NASA and DOE to the AAS membership because of its importance to our community. We were unable to distribute it in our normal Electronic Alert, but felt that its importance required an additional message. Kevin B. Marvel, Executive Officer)

Joint Dark Energy Mission Public Website and Science Coordination Group

With this broadcast, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) announce the opening of a new public website for the Joint Dark Energy Mission (JDEM), a joint NASA/DOE space-based mission to investigate dark energy. The purpose of this website is to provide "one-stop shopping" for all public information and documents regarding the mission that is generated by or for the two agencies. This will be the primary conduit by which the agencies will communicate on JDEM issues with the science community.

This broadcast also announces a Call for Letters for individuals to apply for membership in the JDEM Science Coordination Group (SCG). The SCG will aid in establishing preliminary science requirements for a JDEM facility and will work in coordination with the JDEM Project Office to develop a pre-conceptual design for JDEM that meets the mission?s programmatic constraints. The function and responsibilities of this Group are described in more detail in the Call for Letters and Charter which are posted on the JDEM website.

The website URL is It will become open to the public at 10am EDT on Friday, September 12. The initial contents will include the following:
(1) An exchange of letters between the two agencies stating the overarching principles of cooperation on JDEM;
(2) A Call for Letters to solicit expressions of interest to serve on the JDEM SCG, along with the SCG's Charter.

We urge all those involved in dark energy research with an interest in JDEM to refer to this website.

Additional queries may be addressed to:

Michael Salamon
Program Scientist for Physics of the Cosmos
Astrophysics Division
Science Mission Directorate
NASA Headquarters
michael.h.salamon at

Kathy Turner
JDEM Program Scientist
Office of High Energy Physics
Office of Science
Department of Energy
kathy.turner at

Richard Griffiths
JDEM Program Scientist
Astrophysics Division
NASA Headquarters
richard.e.griffiths at