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AAS Informational Email 2007-09
May 4, 2007

Dear Colleagues:

I wrote to you just before the Seattle meeting that we were reconsidering the publishers of our journals, the Astrophysical Journal the main Journal, the Letters, and the Supplements and the Astronomical Journal. We have since had a short, intense, and very professional process to issue a Request for Proposals to publish our Journals, to evaluate the proposals, and to select a vendor.

22 Oct 2012 - Public Policy

AAS Informational Email 2007-08

Jeremy Richardson, AAS John Bahcall Public Policy Fellow
Kevin Marvel, AAS Executive Officer
Jack Burns, CAPP Chair

22 Oct 2012 - Public Policy

AAS Informational Email 2007-07

Sent on behalf of the NSF-AST, Wayne Van Citters, Director

Exoplanet Taskforce White Papers Due April 2

22 Oct 2012 - Public Policy


From AAS President Catherine Pilachowski

Dear fellow AAS Members,

As many of you heard over the weekend, a series of bush fires burning in and around Canberra, Australia, has resulted in substantial damage to the Mt. Stromlo Observatory.

22 Oct 2012 - Public Policy