3 June 2019

June 2019 Issue of Physics Today Is Online & in the Mail

By Hua Liu

American Astronomical Society (AAS)

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Physics Today June 2019In the June 2019 Issue

Questions Surround NASA’s Shutdown of an International Cosmic-Ray Instrument
The detector aboard the International Space Station could be turned back on if a new proposal passes peer review. But it’s unclear who might operate it. — David Kramer

Commentary: Improving Diversity and Inclusion in STEM Graduate Education
— Alexander L. Rudolph

A Metamaterial Solves an Integral Equation
By iteratively processing an optical signal, the structure functions as an analog computer. — Christine Middleton

Spontaneous Generation of Internal Waves
The waves responsible for transporting energy in the ocean and atmosphere are not solely a product of the combined forces of winds, tides, and mountains. — Callum Shakespeare

Obscure Waves in Planetary Atmospheres
On Earth and on other planets, internal gravity waves shape the dynamics and thermodynamics of the atmosphere. — Erdal Yiğit and Alexander S. Medvedev

Putting the Squeeze on Axions
Microwave cavity experiments make a quantum leap in the search for the dark matter of the universe. — Karl van Bibber, Konrad Lehnert, and Aaron Chou

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