9 September 2019

Highlights from AAS Nova: 25 August - 7 September 2019

Susanna Kohler, American Astronomical Society (AAS)

AAS Nova provides brief highlights of recently published articles from the AAS journals, i.e., The Astronomical Journal (AJ) and The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), ApJ Letters, and ApJ Supplements. The website's intent is to gain broader exposure for AAS authors and to provide astronomy researchers and enthusiasts with summaries of recent, interesting research across a wide range of astronomical fields.

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The following are the AAS Nova highlights from the past two weeks; follow the links to read more, or visit the AAS Nova webpage for more posts.

6 September 2019
Why Are Jupiter and Saturn Spinning so Slowly?
Astrobites reports on how magnetic fields might be to blame for these giant planets’ lazy rotation rates.

4 September 2019
A Lunar Time Machine: Secrets to Our Sun’s Active Past
Astrobites reports on how the surface of the Moon might hold the key to understanding early activity of the Sun.

3 September 2019
A New Site for the s-Process?
Astrobites reports on the possibility of a new site for the formation of s-process elements: in rapidly rotating, massive, metal-poor stars.

30 August 2019
Planetary History Written in Saturn’s Rings
Saturn’s iconic icy rings can teach us a lot. Can they tell us anything about past impacts on this distant gas giant?

28 August 2019
Featured Image: Heat from Uranian Rings
Recent observations reveal the thermal emission from Uranus’s narrow ring system for the first time.

27 August 2019
Ghosts of Spiral Arms Past
Astrobites reports on a study of star clusters in the Milky Way that has uncovered a peculiar trend in the way they are arranged.