19 April 2017

EnCorps Teaching Fellowship for STEM Professionals

By Gina Brissenden

American Astronomical Society (AAS)

This announcement is posted on behalf of Bethany Orozco, EnCorps.

Students need you. STEM achievement and career opportunities are disproportionately limited for youth in under-resourced school districts. The severe shortage of high-quality teachers in these schools leaves low-income and minority students particularly vulnerable.

Join a network of over 600 EnCorps leaders in California making a profound and immediate impact by taking their working knowledge and passing it on to the next generation.

The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program empowers STEM industry experts to become exceptional teachers, tutors, and educators. Heading into its 10th year of public service, it is the only nonprofit in the nation that enables STEM professionals, military veterans, and retirees to explore a career transition to teaching in a highly supported way.

The Model

  • Begin immediately working with high need students as a tutor and/or guest teacher
  • Receive mentorship from EnCorps staff and a host teacher
  • Decide on an EnCorps track of volunteering or full-time (paid) teaching
  • Receive exam support and credentialing guidance, scholarship opportunities, and access to networks and schools for full-time teaching employment
  • Engage in a robust slate of professional development and a cohort of peers to share ideas, support, and best practices

"I want them to know that they are capable of success no matter their background or what anyone else may have told them." — EnCorps Fellow Tyran Richards

How to Apply

Do your part to address inequalities in education. Don't let zip code determine destiny.

The EnCorps Fellowship is a selective fellowship for current STEM professionals who are interested in exploring their personal role in teaching and education. You do not need prior experience in education, and you must not currently hold a California single subject credential.

Selection for the 2017 Cohort is underway! Apply online at encorps.org/application. The final deadline is 15 May.

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