2 April 2019

April 2019 Issue of Physics Today Is Online & in the Mail

By Hua Liu

American Astronomical Society (AAS)

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Physics Today April 2019In the April 2019 Issue

Neutron-Rich Magnesium Undergoes Unexpected Transitions
The structure of an exotic isotope near the edge of stability strays from that of its lower-mass counterparts. — Christine Middleton

A Physics Master’s Degree Opens Doors to Myriad Careers
If you want to improve your options in industry or consider a career in teaching, a master’s in physics may be for you. — Toni Feder

Helium Users Are at the Mercy of Suppliers
Researchers seek government help in addressing supply shortage as prices are expected to continue soaring. — David Kramer

The Invisible Dance of CRISPR-Cas9
Simulations unveil the molecular side of the gene-editing revolution. — Giulia Palermo, Clarisse G. Ricci, and J. Andrew McCammon

Albert Einstein, Celebrity Physicist
In Einstein’s later years, although his contributions to physics became increasingly marginal and abstract, the press continued to trumpet his far-flung unification schemes as if they were confirmed scientific breakthroughs.. — Paul Halpern

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