24 June 2019

AAS Graduate and Undergraduate Student Members: Time to Check In

Diane Frendak, American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Last year, the Society split its Junior membership class into two: Graduate Student Members and Undergraduate Student Members. An added advantage to shedding the Junior designation and its qualifications is that we no longer require the date of birth to determine membership class; however, the AAS will continue to check in with student members each summer to verify their year of study, the highest degree earned/degree working toward, and graduation/expected graduation year. This way, we can congratulate those who have graduated in the past year and ensure that everyone is in the correct membership class before we begin our membership renewal process. It’s also the best time to confirm contact information. Students tend to move a lot!

On Friday, 28 June, the AAS will email selected student members to kick off the verification process. We’ll check in with those who may have graduated in the last 12 months and those who have incomplete records in our database.

Want to get a head start? Here are some popular scenarios:

I’m headed to graduate school. It may be now, it may be later.

Huzzah! Congrats on earning your undergraduate diploma and moving on to advanced study or a research gig. The AAS welcomes those considering graduate school and those in postbaccalaureate programs to join the Graduate Student membership class. Fill out this form if you are currently an Undergraduate Member who wishes to maintain your AAS student membership.

I’m ready for Full Member status!

Complete the Full Member Eligibility Form if you have earned your Master’s or Doctorate and can either secure another current Full Member’s endorsement or share information about your peer-reviewed publication in an international journal.

The deadline for updates is 9 August. Please email YaShica Robinson or call (202) 328-2010 x106 if you have any questions or comments. Thank you and enjoy the summer!