1 September 2012

Prize Committee Vacancies

George Benedict

Vacancies for AAS Prize committees will be filled by Council at its meeting in Long Beach, California in January 2013. Current committee members are listed under “Committees” on the AAS homepage, http://aas.org/comms.

Committees that will have vacancies, followed by the number of vacancies on each (in parenthesis) are:

Russell Lectureship Committee (2)
Heineman Prize Committee (2)
Warner and Pierce Prize Committee (3)
Annie J. Cannon Prize Committee (1)
AAS Education Prize Committee (2)
Weber Award Committee (2)
Henri Chrétien Grant Committee (2)
Van Biesbroeck Prize Committee (3)

The Council takes advice from the Committee on Appointments for committee posts, AAS Members may themselves volunteer to serve on a committee, or suggest other Members for one of the vacancies. For the latter, to aid the Committee on Appointments, who do not know every AAS member, please include the date of Ph.D., as well as a few sentences conveying to the Committee the background and area of expertise of the named individual. Please assist us with this. We need to have both quality and breadth on our committees for them to make wise and fair recommendations to the Council. Input must be received no later than 1 December 2012. Submit suggestions to Fritz Benedict, AAS Secretary, by email to aassec@aas.org, or at the McDonald Observatory, University of Texas, 1 University Station, C1402, Austin, TX 78712, Fax: (512) 471-6016.