5 November 2018

November Events in Astronomical Science Policy

By Ashlee Wilkins

Welcome to the November 2018 monthly event roundup of the AAS Policy Blog, in which we share a list of events that fall under the umbrella of astronomical science — i.e., astrophysics, planetary science, and/or heliophysics — policy. Events might be congressional hearings, advisory committee meetings, Capitol Hill briefings, policy fora, think tank symposia, networking opportunities, and/or public lectures. Most events occur here in Washington, DC are open to the public, and/or will be live streamed. Some may require advanced registration for in-person attendance (either for security or capacity reasons), and we try to note that in the listing. If an event is on this calendar, someone from the AAS Public Policy team will likely be in attendance, so come say hello!

Other relevant policy event calendars:

Sometimes events are announced on timescales shorter than one month; we will update this post whenever we have something new to add. Please email us if you have a correction or an event that you think should be included in this roundup.

Beyond the events highlighted below, there are some other notable deadlines/important happenings coming up this month:

November 2018 Events

All times Eastern (ET) unless otherwise noted.

Science Policy Happy Hour
Engineers and Scientists Engaging in Policy (ESEP)

1 November (Thursday)
5:30 pm − 7:30 pm
Mission Dupont
1606 20th St NW

Details and information on other ESEP events

Science Committee
NASA Advisory Council

1 − 2 November (Thursday − Friday)

Details, agenda, and remote access

Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee

6 November (Tuesday)
12:00 pm − 1:00 pm

Details, agenda, and webcast

Venus Exploration Analysis Group
NASA Planetary Science Division

6 − 8 November (Tuesday − Thursday)
Applied Physics Lab
Laurel, MD

Details and remote access

Space Studies Board
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

7 − 9 November (Wednesday − Friday)
Irvine, CA

Details, agenda, and remote access

Space 2.0: The Intersection of Space Policy and the FCC
Hudson Institute

8 November (Thursday)
11:30 am − 12:50 pm
1201 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Details and registration

ASTROCHEMISTRY: Discoveries to Inform the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Communities
Chemical Sciences Roundtable Workshop
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

8 − 9 November (Thursday − Friday)
NASEM Keck Center

Details, agenda, and remote access

Science Policy Symposium
The Science and Education Policy Association
National Science Policy Network

10 − 11 November (Saturday − Sunday)
Rockefeller University
1230 York Ave New York, NY

Details and registration

Mid-band Spectrum: Transitioning the C-Band and More
Information and Innovative Technology Foundation (ITIF)

13 November (Tuesday)
10:00am − 11:30am
1101 K Street NW Suite 610A

Details and registration

Lunar Exploration Assessment Group
NASA Planetary Science

14 − 16 November (Wednesday − Friday)
Columbia, MD

Details, registration, and webcast

Users' Advisory Group
National Space Council

15 November (Thursday)
9:00 am − 3:45 pm

Details, agenda, and webcast

Mathematical and Physical Sciences Advisory Committee
National Science Foundation (NSF)

15 − 16 November (Thursday − Friday)

Details, agenda, and webcast

Board on Physics and Astronomy
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

28 − 29 November (Wednesday − Thursday)
Irvine, CA

Details, agenda, and remote access

National Science Board
National Science Foundation (NSF)

28 − 29 November (Wednesday − Thursday)

Details, agenda, and webcast

High Energy Physics Advisory Panel
Department of Energy Office of Science

29 − 30 November (Thursday − Friday)
Gaithersburg, MD

Details, agenda, and webcast