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Mercedes Richards (Pennsylvania State University) has stepped down from the AAS Council; the Executive Committee has appointed Nancy Chanover (New Mexico State University) to finish her term.

14 Dec 2015

We're in the home stretch of our annual renewal drive! Time is running out to renew your AAS membership and secure your AAS journal author savings.

02 Dec 2015

Reminders to renew your AAS membership were mailed last month. If you recently mailed a payment or renewed online, thank you! If not, now is the time. Don't let your membership benefits lapse!

10 Nov 2015
Dara Norman

Dara Norman and her colleagues invite your input on revising the AAS Ethics Statement to add policies and procedures for filing complaints and responding to them.

29 Oct 2015
Meg Urry

Only full members are generally eligible for elected positions within the Society. To ensure that early-career members' voices are heard, Meg Urry is creating a special advisory board.

29 Oct 2015

Balloting for the next election of AAS Officers and Councilors opens in mid-December 2015 and closes at the end of January 2016. Here is the slate of candidates.

28 Oct 2015

Meg Urry reflects on a difficult week for the astronomical community and describes a new effort to strengthen the AAS Ethics Statement.

15 Oct 2015

The AAS deplores sexual harassment and expresses its support for people who risk their own professional status by speaking publicly to protect others from similar abuse.

15 Oct 2015

The kids are back in school, and football season has kicked off, so it must be time for the Society’s online membership renewal drive!

15 Sep 2015

The paper edition of the AAS Membership Directory is published annually by the AAS Executive Office. The 2015 edition has been mailed and should arrive in members' mailboxes soon!

30 Jun 2015