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With 2019 just around the corner, the Society's membership renewal season is in full swing. Please watch your mailbox for the renewal reminder, which includes information on how you can support the Society through our Fall 2018 Campaign.

14 Nov 2018

It's renewal season at the AAS, and reminders and dues invoices are currently in production. Don’t let time-sensitive opportunities like our author discounts and reduced registrations pass you by.

17 Oct 2018

When renewing your membership this fall, please consider making a gift to support the Society and its programs. There are many ways to give, and some of them might have significant tax advantages for donors.

16 Oct 2018

Renew your AAS membership today to avoid losing valuable benefits, like discounted meeting registration and journal subscriptions, Chambliss competition eligibility, and much more.

19 Sep 2018

This post covers the new Affiliate classes for amateur astronomers and alumni, and is the last in a three-part series about the changes to the Society's membership classes.

08 Aug 2018

This post is the second in a three-part series about the upcoming changes to the Society's membership classes and features the revisions to student memberships.

05 Jul 2018

This post kicks off a three-part series about the upcoming changes to the Society's membership classes and details the new eligibility requirements for Full membership.

26 Jun 2018

During our Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign, please give to the travel grants and prizes that support AAS members to go forth and share the excitement of astronomy with the world.

15 Jun 2018

Each AAS summer meeting features an Annual Members' Meeting. Please join us in Denver on Wednesday, 6 June.

04 May 2018

AAS Members: time to update your profile and preferences for the 2018 AAS Membership Directory. The deadline for changes is Friday, 6 April.

27 Mar 2018