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The AAS election of Officers and At-Large Trustees for terms beginning in 2018 is now under way. The best way to ensure that your voice is heard is to vote! Deadline: 31 January 2018.

21 Dec 2017

Balloting for the next election of AAS Officers and Councilors opens 14 December 2017 and closes at the end of January 2018. Here is the slate of candidates.

20 Nov 2017

As Executive Officer Kevin Marvel explains, the new AAS governance structure includes both a Board of Trustees and a Strategic Assembly, which met for the first time in October.

30 Oct 2017
Kevin B. Marvel

By an overwhelming majority, AAS members voted to accept the Council's recommendation to adopt the new governance documents.

01 Aug 2017

The AAS Council has adopted new governance documents, subject to approval by the members of the Society. If you have yet to cast your vote, now is the time! Deadline: Monday, 31 July.

26 Jul 2017

If you want to cast your ballot for the AAS Council-adopted new Articles of Incorporation and new Bylaws, but aren’t sure how, we have a video for you!

12 Jul 2017

Christine Jones reviews some of the key developments related to diversity and governance since her term as AAS President began.

03 Jul 2017

The AAS Council thanks Jack Burns, Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, Buell Jannuzi, Stephen Unwin, and Meg Urry for their dedicated service to the Society over the last few years.

20 Jun 2017

After a successful Council meeting and New AAS Governance Model Town Hall at the 230th AAS meeting in Austin, it’s now time to make your voice heard.

15 Jun 2017

Friday, 12 May, is the deadline for member comments on the Society’s proposed new Articles of Incorporation (to replace the current Constitution) and Bylaws.

01 May 2017