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Advocacy Resources

The Public Policy team at the American Astronomical Society wants to empower the membership to advocate for their own science. Here we will include information, or links to information, that may be helpful on your advocacy journey1.

Why Should You Advocate for Your Science?

Whether you want to be convinced or you're looking for some information to help convince your peers, this page is meant to provide some explanation about why we think you should advocate for your science.

A Reference Guide for How to Advocate for Science

This page will provide you with a step-by-step guide about to advocate for your science.

Congressional Leave-Behinds

This page includes 3 versions of the current congressional leave-behinds. An archive of past versions can be found here

The Astronomical Sciences in the Federal Government

A summary of what aspects of the federal government are related to the astronomical sciences.

Information about Relevant Policies

A summary of the policies or proposed policies that impact or are impacted by the astronomical sciences. Where appropriate, suggested advocacy actions are included.

1This page is a work in progress. If there is some information that you would like to see included here, then please email those suggestions to the Public Policy staff.