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American Astronomical Society

The Office of Management and Budget has a job opening for a program examiner that will cover NASA, among other duties. The job announcement number is OMB-09-53-SR-DE. From the job listing, the "Major Duties" are:

"Serves in the branch of OMB that has budget responsibilities for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Science Foundation, the Smithsonian Institution and other federally-supported museums, small cultural agencies, and overall Federal research and development coordination. Serves as analyst for research and development activities including program areas for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (such as space station, space shuttle, exploration, aeronautics, and/or support functions and facilities), and/or Federal research and development policy including multi-agency programs in science and technology. Incumbent will analyze, evaluate, and develop creative and effective options and recommendations for policy, budget, legislative, and management issues pertaining to science and technology."

The full job ad and how to apply is listed at the USA JOBs site. Applications are due by August 24. The position is GS 11-14.

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