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Here are some tips for locating the object.

  • Sometimes the connection to the resolver may be lost when you submit a query. This tends to happen mostly on the first NED object queried. If you suspect that this has happened to your query, simply run it again by hitting the refresh/reload button on your browser.
  • Check your spelling. If you escaped any characters with a backslash to make the macro work in LaTeX, try taking it out of the query.
  • ***object name not recognized by NED name interpreter means that NED could not match the given name with anything in its database. If your name is in Simbad, then check there to see if they have an alias that is also recognized by NED.
  • *** This identifier is not present in the database indicates that the identifier is recognized by Simbad but the full name is not in the database. This can happen when the full coordinates are not provided such as with a 2MASS or SDSS designation (for example, SDSS J0047-0048 instead of the correct SDSS J004705.83-004819.5). Use the full identifier name in these cases.
  • *** This identifier is not correctly written means that Simbad could not match the given name with anything in its database. If your name is in NED, then see if there is a NED alias that is also known to Simbad.
  • Try using the Near Position feature at NED or the by coordinates service at Simbad if neither database can match your object name. Both methods will provide a list of objects that are in the given area.
  • Try the Nomenclature Dictionary of Celestial Objects at CDS to check on all the different names for the object currently in use.
  • Newly discovered objects will not be in the databases. Please be sure to assign an official IAU designation for your object. Send these objects to NED and Simbad so that they can be incorporated into their databases. If the data centers know about the new object far enough in advance of submission of your paper, then it might be possible to include links to the new object in your paper.

Questions or comments about the object verification tool should be sent to Dr. Greg Schwarz. Specific data center questions should be sent to NED or CDS.