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Gustav Bakos (1918 - 1991)

Gustav Bakos died on Tuesday the 31st of December 1991.

Gustav Bakos was the first astronomer appointed at the Physics Department of the University of Waterloo (Ontario), and at the time of his death, although officially retired, was still doing some teaching and research in conjunction with colleagues in Czechoslovakia.

Bakos was born in Trnava, Czechoslovakia in 1918. He did his graduate training in Bratislava (M.A.), Leiden and Toronto (M.A. 1954, Ph.D. 1960), and taught at Trnaya, Leiden, Ottawa, the Smithsonian, and (after his doctorate) at Northwestern University, Illinois. He then returned to Canada to join the fledgling University of Waterloo.  Gus was well liked by his students, and was indeed a kind and generous person. His research was conscientious and solid, largely in the classical field of binary stars, which he observed spectroscopically at the David Dunlap Observatory and remarkably, with a 12-inch telescope on the roof of the Physics Building.

Obituary Written By: 
M. P. V. FitzGerald (University of Waterloo)
BAAS: BAAS, 1993, 25, 1495