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Marcos Huerta
John Bahcall Public Policy Fellow
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The following is being sent to AAS Members, as a service to the National Science Foundation. Additionally, excerpts from the NSF statement are available at:

Dear Colleague,

Yesterday, the National Science Foundation released plans for allocating funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provides $3 billion in supplemental funding to NSF in the 2009 fiscal year. NSF's statement about these plans is now available at,

NSF has also established a web site at,

to provide continuous updates and reporting on how Recovery Act funds are used.

The $2 billion that will be allocated to the Research and Related Activities account will allow NSF to increase funding rates with a goal of 30% in FY 2009, a significant increase over previous years. With almost 800 proposals currently under review in the Astronomy Division, the Recovery Act funding we receive will be very well spent to increase support to many investigators, including faculty, postdocs, and students. Recovery Act funds can be used only for new awards made as standard grants.

The Recovery Act also specifically allocates $300 million to the Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program and $200 million to the Academic Research Infrastructure (ARI) program. New MRI and ARI solicitations for these programs will be issued in the spring, so please consider these upcoming funding opportunities. We will distribute notification of the release of these solicitations as soon as they are available. Please also check our web site regularly. NSF does not expect to issue any other solicitations for Recovery Act funding.

We will make more information about Recovery Act funding available as
we have it.

Eileen Friel
Executive Officer, AST