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AAS Informational Email 2009-10

NPR Seeks Astronomer's Opinion on their Favorite HST Image

Kevin B. Marvel, Executive Officer

Apologies for sending this email to everyone outside of our normal Electronic Alert series, but the request I describe below from NPR could not be supported otherwise due to timing.

NPR reporter Nell Greenfieldboyce is seeking astronomer's opinions about their personal favorite Hubble Space Telescope image. She will be selecting some individuals to be interviewed and have their voices possibly used in a piece that will run shortly before the Shuttle servicing launch currently scheduled for 12 May.

To give her your opinion, please use the AAS' Facebook fan pages. If you have a Facebook account, simply search for "American Astronomical Society" and select Discussions, where Nell has started a thread on this topic. Right now, there is no alternate way to give her your opinion, however, we are looking into using the AAS' own discussion groups pages for this purpose. A message will appear on the AAS homepage early next week directing members to this input mechanism.

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