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AAS Electronic Notification Service - Announcement #39 5/97

[Mailed from at 12 May 1997, 5:12 pm ET]


  1. Discounted Annual Review of Astronomy & Astrophysics
  2. FITS Version 2.0 Released
  3. NASA Sun-Earth Connection Research Announcement
  4. NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program


1. Members Discount Program
Annual Review of Astronomy & Astrophysics

This year, for the first time the AAS is participating in the society discount program offered by Annual Reviews, Inc. the publisher of the Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics. AAS members can purchase this year's volume at $55 plus shipping and handling. We are attempting to pass through to our members the largest portion of the discount offered by the publisher, and therefore cannot offer standing orders, or billing to purchase orders. Members who have standing orders with Annual Reviews, Inc., but who wish to purchase at the lower price offered through the AAS, should cancel their standing orders and place their order through the AAS Office, by 1 August 1997. See the June Newsletter or download the order form from the AAS website at


2. Fv 2.0 Release Announcement
William Pence, HEASARC

Version 2.0 of fv, a standalone Tcl/Tk program for viewing and editing any FITS format data file, is now available from the HEASARC (High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center) at NASA/GSFC. Fv allows users to view any FITS header and edit any of the keywords. The data values in FITS tables or images may also be displayed and edited within a scrolling spreadsheet-type window. FITS 2-D images may be displayed either using the internal image display widget supplied with fv, or using the SAOtng image display tool (available separately from SAO). Users may also make line plots of one or more columns in a FITS table and then zoom in on any areas of interest. The images and plots may be saved and printed in postscript format, and the headers and data values may be saved to ASCII text files.

Fv currently runs on many Unix platforms, including SUN O/S, SUN Solaris, Dec OSF, and Linux PCs. (Versions for the Windows NT/95 and Mac operating systems are under development).

Instructions for installing fv may be obtained from the Web site at:

Questions about fv should be sent to


3. Sun-Earth Connection Supporting Research and Technology, Suborbital, Data Restoration, and Guest Investigator Programs
Notices of Intent Due: 16 June 1997
Proposals Due: 18 August 1997

This NRA solicits basic research proposals relevant to the Sun-Earth Connection theme, which includes heliospheric/cosmic particle, solar, magnetospheric, and ionospheric-thermospheric-mesopheric physics. On 15 May this NRA will be posted on the web at:

Inquiries should be directed to Mary Mellott,


4. NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program
NSF 97-87
Proposals Due: 22 July 1997

This program is for new faculty who intend to develop academic careers involving both research and education. Program guidelines are available on the NSF website,

The contact for Astronomical Sciences is Jim Wright,


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