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AAS Electronic Announcement #161 -- May 2006

[Mailed from 15 May 2006]





208th Meeting of the AAS
21 May 2006 is the last day registrations will be processed in the AAS office. After 21 May, please register on-site or online. Receipts will be distributed upon request at the meeting. Online registrants will receive an automated confirmation of registration and receipt via email. To verify that your registration has been processed, please access the registrant list at:

Please contact Eboni Bowman, AAS Meeting Registration Coordinator at if you have any questions or concerns.

Banff Day Trip
On Sunday, June 4th, we will arrange for a 56 passenger bus to take people from the Hyatt in Calgary to Banff for the day. The bus will drop people off at 2 locations in Banff:
downtown and at the Hot Springs. Downtown Banff has a lot of upscale shopping and access to a few hiking trails (as well as numerous tourist facilities). At the Hot Springs you can enjoy a relaxing soak or can hike (or take the gondola) up to the top of Sulphur Mountain.

After 6 hours in the Banff area, the bus will bring you back to the Hyatt. Cost will be $30 per person. Total trip time:
8 hours. Buses leave the Hyatt at 9am and will be back by 5pm (giving you ~ 5 hours in the Banff area). You can register for this trip on the AAS website meeting registration page or by contacting Julie Grant
( for details.

Drumheller Day Trip
On Sunday, June 4th, we have also arranged for a 50 passenger bus to take people to Drumheller for the day.
Drumheller is located in an area known as Dinosaur valley in the Canadian Badlands and has been designated a United Nations World Heritage Site for the sheer abundance of dinosaur remains found there. Driving into the valley is a surprise (since it's difficult to see from the prairie
above) and provides a stunning desert experience.

The bus will be stopping at The Royal Tyrell Museum, one of the largest paleontological museums in the world. It is a great place to take the whole family. Bring your hiking boots since there are many desert trails you can follow.
Admission is $10 for adults, $6 for children between 6 and 17, and free for children under 6. The bus will also stop at a famous landscape known as the Hoodoos. Bus trip cost is
$25 per person (not including admission to the museum).
Total trip time: 8 hours. Buses will leave the Hyatt at 9am and be back by 5pm (giving you ~4 hours in the Drumheller area). You can register for this trip on the AAS website meeting registration page or by contacting Julie Grant
( for details.


The hotel reservation group rate has been extended for the Calgary meeting. There are plenty of rooms available in the hotels; and we are encouraging everyone to make their reservation as soon as possible.
Calgary Tourism has extended the reservation deadline until
21 May 2006

Register online:
Fax: 403-262-3809 (Advance Reservations only)

Reservations may be changed or cancelled up to 29 May 2006 for a full refund. After 29 May contact the hotel directly regarding changes or cancellations.

Importance of Staying in the Conference Hotels

In order to book the Calgary meeting, the AAS had to contract for a block of sleeping rooms in two area hotels.
If we do not fill these blocks, financial penalties will be incurred. This ultimately impacts the health of the AAS and consequently registration fees.

AAS Host hotels: Calgary Marriott and Hyatt Regency



As a service to our members, the AAS provides Internet Access to our meeting attendees for quick access to email and your home office. The Internet will be available Monday through Thursday.

Ports at Cyber Cafe

In addition to stationary laptops for your use in the Cyber Cafe, there will be several open lines available. You may bring your laptop to the meeting and hookup directly to the Internet via a twisted pair connection.

Wireless Access

Additionally, we will be providing access to the wireless network with an SSID of AAS. The SSID will not be broadcast since we are in a public facility. The wireless access points will be located in Cybercafe, Exhibit Hall, and Registration. Wireless IP Address leases will expire after 60 minutes.

The AAS will not be providing wireless network adapters to attendees, so come prepared with your system ready to recognize a wireless device.

To Avoid Interruption

In order to ensure continuous access to your home site, please notify your local system and security administrators of the following:

All computers connected to the network will receive IP Addresses through DHCP from local routers. These addresses will strictly be internal to the local area network. All Internet traffic flowing from the meeting attendees will be coming from the external IP addresses in the range: resolved as the domain.

In the past government sites have become aware of heavy traffic from our meetings and without notice shut off ALL access to attendees. This was done as a security measure, unaware that the traffic was originating at an AAS Annual Meeting. It caused several days of service interruption for meeting registrants. Informing your system administrators of the IP addresses could save you a lot of distress later.

Any concerns prior to the meeting can be directed to Scott Idem, AAS Systems and Network Administrator, at

Sponsorship Deadline: 1 September 2006

As a membership benefit, the AAS Membership Calendar includes important dates, such as proposal and grant deadlines and AAS sponsored meetings. Sponsors receive selection of a photo layout page, 250 words of text and sponsorship recognition in the calendar matter. For only $1800, your institution or department can show support for the whole astronomical community and be featured prominently in astronomers' offices across the country.

Sponsors and potential sponsors for future AAS calendars are reminded that sponsorship space is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Groups interested in sponsoring a month may contact Crystal Tinch ( for more information and pricing details for the 2006 calendar.
Deadline for sponsorship is 1 September 2006.

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