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Marcos Huerta
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NASA Suborbital Program Ad-Hoc Committee

The following information is being sent to the AAS membership as a service to the National Research Council.

The National Research Council's Space Studies Board is conducting a Congressionally requested review of the NASA suborbital program. An ad hoc committee is being assembled to review the following: existing programs that make use of suborbital flights; the status, capability, and availability of suborbital platforms, and the infrastructure and workforce necessary to support them; existing or planned launch facilities for suborbital missions; and opportunities for scientific research, training, and educational collaboration in the conduct of suborbital missions by NASA, especially as they relate to the findings and recommendations of the National Academies decadal surveys and recent report Building a Better NASA Workforce: Meeting the Workforce Needs for the National Vision for Space Exploration.

Suggestions are sought for qualified individuals from all sectors of the scientific and technical community. Please note that service on the committee is also open to experts working for government agencies, including NASA, the sponsor of this project, if (1) they have relevant scientific and technical expertise needed to accomplish the committee's task, and (2) their service will not appear to compromise the independence and objectivity of the study. The NRC welcomes underrepresented minorities and women for consideration.

Please send suggestions for membership on the committee by 30 January 2009, to Dr. Robert L. Riemer: riemer at


Mailed US members from 22 January 2009

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