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TESS 2015: Contact Us
Last updated: Tuesday

Scientific Organizing Committee Co-Chairs

Jim Klimchuk, SPA President
Dana Longcope, SPD Vice-Chair

Scientific Organizing Committee Members

Leon Golub, SPD Chair
Robyn Millan, SPA SM Secretary
Larry Paxton, SPA SA Secretary
Ian Richardson
, SPA SH Secretary
David Sibeck
, SPA President-Elect

Meetings Logistical Team:

AAS Meetings Abstract Administrator (TESS Lead)
Kathy Cox202-328-2010 ext. 117

AAS Director of Meeting Services
Kim Earle, 202-328-2010 ext. 111

AAS Meetings Services Specialist
Lynn Ervin, 202-328-2010 ext. 104

AAS Assistant Director of Meeting Services
Lisa Idem202-328-2010 ext. 126

AAS Website, Exhibits and Sponsorship Coordinator
Debbie Kovalsky202-328-2010 ext. 110

AAS Meeting Services Specialist
Jennifer Cline

AGU Assistant Director, Meetings Operations
Jennifer Tomb202-777-7407

Abstract Submission Help Desk
Monday, 12:00am ET through Friday, 8:30pm ET, 1-888-503-1050; Reference TESS 2015 Meeting