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Press Registrants, 50th DPS Meeting, Knoxville, Tennessee, 21-26 Oct. 2018

DPS 50 LogoThe AAS offers complimentary press registration to bona fide working journalists and PIOs, as described on our press-credentials page.

To request complimentary press registration, send an email message to AAS Press Officer Dr. Rick Fienberg with your name and media affiliation (or “freelance” if applicable). Upon confirming your eligibility, he’ll send you the URL of an online registration form and the required press-registration code.

The following list includes approved DPS 50 press registrants as of 25 October 2018:

  1. Mike Buckley (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory)
  2. Suraiya Farukhi (Universities Space Research Association)
  3. Rick Fienberg (AAS Press Officer)
  4. Jeff Foust (The Space Review)
  5. Kerrin Hensley (AAS Media Fellow)
  6. Luca Maltagliati (Nature Astronomy)
  7. Shantanu Naidu (DPS Press Officer / Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  8. Elina Nieppola (Tähdet ja avaruus)
  9. Nola Taylor Redd (Freelance)
  10. Kaori Saito (Kyodo News)
  11. Hanneke Weitering (
  12. Alexandra Witze (Nature)

In addition, the following science writers will participate in briefings remotely via webcast:

  1. Sue Bowler (RAS/Astronomy & Geophysics)
  2. Camille Carlisle (Sky & Telescope)
  3. Davide Castelvecchi (Nature)
  4. Christopher Crockett (Sky & Telescope)
  5. Daniel Fischer (Abenteuer Astronomie & Skyweek)
  6. Lisa Grossman (New Scientist)
  7. William Harwood (CBS News)
  8. Katherine Kornei (Freelance)
  9. Laurel Kornfeld (Spaceflight Insider)
  10. Rick Lovett (Cosmos)
  11. Alexander Telishev (RIA Novosti)
  12. Amy Thompson (Freelance)