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DPS 50 Press Information

DPS 50 LogoPress Registration

The AAS Division for Planetary Sciences offers complimentary meeting registration to bona fide working journalists and public-information officers; see our eligibility criteria.

As of 18 October 2018 advance press registration is closed. Reporters and PIOs who need to register on-site in Knoxville should go straight to the AAS/DPS registration desk at the Knoxville Convention Center and ask for a press-registration form. You'll be asked to take it to the press office to have the form authorized by the AAS or DPS press officer, after which you may return to the registration desk to print your badge.

Press Office

Location: Room 300C, Knoxville Convention Center


Hours (all times EDT = UTC − 4h):

  • Sun, 21 Oct: 3 pm − 6 pm
  • Mon−Thu, 22-25 Oct: 8 am − 6 pm
  • Fri, 26 Oct: 8 am − 12 noon

Thanks to the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) for generously sponsoring the Press Office with refreshments for on-site press registrants!

Press Conferences

Location: Room 300D, Knoxville Convention Center

Press Interview Room

Location: Except during press conferences, Room 300D will be available for press interviews. We'll post a sign-up sheet on the door or in the press office (Room 300C).

Media Advisories